Homekit in the garden

Few years ago I decided to install simple sprinkler system in the garden. The choice was Gardena Today there are much more different systems available and I’m quite sure I would choose another one. But ok…. As I said the system was simple. It means that it contained:

  • 3 valve boxes
  • 9 irrigation valves (9V – battery operated) model
  • about 20 sprinklers

I also bought the remote controller that allowed me to setup some kind of logic. For each valve I can set weekday and start time of irrigation process. And decide how long it will take. For example valve no 1 will be active each Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 10am and will work for 20 minutes. Just an example…

This spring I decided to add more logic to the system (without spending a lot of money). Here are my assumptions:

no more batteries (I had to replace them every two months)

ability to check current huminidy of the ground

ability to check weather forcast

connect sprinklers to home automation system

To minimize the cost I’ve decided to replace irrigation valves with new ones. Instead of battery operated I’ve chosen